photos taken out of the Kindle version of 'LIVES IN BURMA AND CHINA 1927 -1951'

Here are some of the photos from the paperback taken out of the Kindle version (with several more added)  CHAPTER HEADINGS ARE:  1 China 1927, a threatening place for a young girl       2 Civil war and refuge in Cheung Chow Island      3 1937, A pretty wedding and the prolonged and bloody attack on Shanghai      4 Burma, a clash of cultures and religions    5 Invasion of Burma, 1941    6 Hard walks over the hills to India    7 War-torn Burma 1941 - 1945     8  A family escapes from China to England in 1943    9 The beginning of the end    10 Return to Burma, Aung San, Independence, a bullet in a bible and a baby in a drawer     Old photos of Burma     IMAGES OF MYANMAR IN 2012