some bars from DEBUSSY's 'Feux d'Artifice'

I'm including some bars from this amazing piece in my talk/demonstration mentioned below.

'Memorable moments from the classical piano literature'

I have a new talk/demonstration available (contact details on A quick look at what the composers are up to in their timeless pieces of music.  I bring my own full length stage piano (carry it under my arm).  This talk is an excuse to play extracts from some of my favourite pieces (they are amazing!) – there are sparkling images, hidden themes, stories, startling harmonies, insects! nicknames, dynamic rhythms and unexpected effects. Depending on the interest of the audience I may mention my 3 books - PIANO BEYOND GRADE 5.

PLEASE NOTE - the Zoom talks can be to anywhere, (I am pleased to have a booking in Canada) but this talk/demonstration can only take place when meetings in halls are possible again and is available within a reasonable distance of Gloucestershire.


effective and interesting practising ideas, ways of getting into harder music and excellent exercises for building technique




What has always interested me are the human stories told against the backdrop of dramatic and dangerous years in the Far East. I inherited and was also given significant material and photographs which relate to Burma and China, countries of great interest as we move through the 21st century.  With the China talk I have discovered additional material since I wrote the book ‘Lives in Burma and China 1927 -1951’.

Details of these and other talks are on where there are contact details. They relate to my books, ‘Stories of Survival in Burma, WW2’ and ‘Lives in Burma and China, 1927 – 1951'.


ZOOM PRESENTATIONS are available. I do not charge a fee, donations to a charity would be appreciated.




from:  Dr Rona Laycock, poet, creative writing teacher, editor of Graffiti and founder of Writers in the Brewery, Cirencester  'Elizabeth Tebby Germaine headlines at Writers in the Brewery, 28 March 2017. We were delighted to welcome Elizabeth to our meeting at Writers in the Brewery… She kept us intrigued and enthralled by her account of her writing progress and readings from her novel. It was lovely to have a guest who connected with the group and who was able to encourage and answer questions and who managed all that with great good humour.'

SEPT. 2017 Talk about the Burma books. Thanks to the U3A Travel Group for the warm welcome at the Guildhall Cinema Gloucester, and it was good to hear your stories that connected with Myanmar 

After a talk to the U3A Earlsdon, Coventry, from Dave and Sue Wright,Joint speaker secretary  'We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your talk on experiences in Burma. It was a fascinating talk regarding a very difficult time in history. It was even more poignant due to your personal involvement with the subject. I am sure it was appreciated by all members present and expanded all our knowledge of Burma and its troubled past and present. Thanks again.'

SAT SEPT 29th   2018 (in aid of the organ fund) from Charles Pavey, Director of Music at Holy Trinity Church, North Malvern: ‘Elizabeth performed a short piano recital as part of the Holy Trinity, Malvern's Music Marathon Day.  Her programme, which was well constructed and varied, created another level of contrast to the whole day and was thoroughly prepared.  She engaged with the appreciative audience and this added to her professional presentation. But above all, it was her total mastery of the instrument that shone through most.'  

FEB. 2019 A lunchtime concert at Chapel Arts, Cheltenham from Andrew Auster, Chairman of the Cheltenham Music Festival Society ‘Congratulations Elizabeth on a splendid concert … All 36 attendees (I counted!) thoroughly enjoyed your programme. I particularly liked the Bloch ‘Poems of the Sea’, pieces I did not know, and a far more enjoyable experience than when listening to Bloch accompanying the Dentist’s drill ...  in my teenage years!...  Thank you again for agreeing to perform at such short notice.'

SEPT. 2019 from William Griffiths, Rugby Warwickshire ‘Elizabeth Tebby Germaine gave a lunchtime piano recital at St Andrew’s Church in September 2019. Her programme was a carefully selected and varied sequence of classic piano repertoire, from Bach’s 48 to Percy Grainger’s Irish reels. Between these bookends she gave us Schumann’s “In der Nacht” and Chopin’s Nocturne in F# major, “two pieces associated with the night”, followed by Ravel’s Jeux d’eau. With her sympathetic brief spoken introductions to each section, Elizabeth achieved a very satisfying and enjoyable entertainment. The audience was delighted to meet a deeply musical artist and looks forward to further visits from this very intelligent pianist.’

November 2019  from  C.J.Boyd - Cheltenham Probus Club member:    “Elizabeth gave us an interesting and informative talk on China in the Second World War, illustrated with helpful maps. Her presentation also provided a valuable insight into the broader history of China in the first half of the 20th Century.”

November 2019, from John Higgins, Newent U3A  "Thanks to Elizabeth for providing an insight into one of the little-known aspects of World War 2, the military and civilian evacuation of Burma following the Japanese invasion.  This was all the more poignant due to her family involvement in the arduous escape. Illustrated with plentiful, and probably quite rare, photographs from the time.  This was a talk to make many of us reflect on the horrors of that part of our history."

ZOOM REVIEWS from March 2021     - from the Chairman of Cannock and District Probus Club

“It was an excellent, eye opening Talk, very much appreciated by the Members.  The very personal detailed family accounts, with rare original photos, gave us images both of everyday life and an insight to the history and refugee journeys from Burma during WW2.”

and from Chris Gooch -   ‘Your talk on wartime Burma was much appreciated by our members. It is often called “the forgotten war” and most of us know little about it. It was also very relevant to current events. It also evoked memories for my wife whose family lost a man who was a Chindit who sadly never emerged from the jungle and has no known grave.’

August 5th 2021, from John Williams, Lichfield Rotary Club.  Thank you again for a fabulous talk. I think you realised how much it was appreciated from the reaction of our members and the questions they asked… The members also expressed an interest in a return visit and perhaps we could arrange something for early next year? 


This was my first book, originally with the title 'Distant and Dangerous Days in Burma and China'. Now a revised paperback and Kindle. With true stories from civil wars and WW2, based on many original documents and including unique accounts from Burmese and Karen people of their experiences during the Japanese occupation, and with over 100 original photos taken by my aunt. 

PHOTOS have been taken out of the KINDLE version, some of these can be seen on the PHOTOS FROM BOOKS 1 page

Here is an introduction from an early version written in 2011 when the Burmese military government were still in power. Although I wrote another introduction later this reminds me of how it felt early on in the writing process. 

This book is a precarious structure built on fragments of memories.  However I hope these memories are striking and unusual enough to justify the brief accounts of history surrounding them. There are already books written about the history of China, the wars in the Far East, Burma under the military regime and long standing ethnic civil wars. The material I acquired revealed people in dangerous situations and what I decided to use to link it all together is what I found to be significant and interesting. A great deal is not included, and the more I have read about these countries and this period of history the more I have been aware that I have ‘skated over the surface’ of events. My intention is to share in an objective way the material I acquired which connects with terrible events both past and present in countries far removed from my own experience.



'Stories of Survival in Burma WW2' is a paperback and Kindle, the photos have been taken out of the Kindle version, some can be seen on the PHOTOS FROM BOOKS 2 page 

'Four striking accounts of refugee journeys from Burma during WW2 are intertwined with history and original photos.   In 1941/42 the country was invaded by the Imperial Empire of Japan and tens of thousands fled, many to India.  After May 8th the only way out was to trek through dense jungle and over steep mountains...'  There are many photos in the paperback, including ones taken by Dr Russell on his dangerous journey.'